Exhibitions & Promotional

Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

“I never have to worry about the quality when using Zip; it’s always excellent”

You can have the most amazing graphics put onto your banners and stands and can customise them easily for other exhibitions.

You can also use them in your reception, making them cost-effective all-year-round adverts telling anyone who comes to visit how great you are.

Most new business leads are generated via websites and other advertising campaigns but with trade shows, potential new customers are brought directly to you. It’s an open playing field and whoever has the most exciting stand will have the best chance of winning new clients.

Exhibition or promotional design that really excites

The only downside is that with customers come competitors.

Our job is to make sure that’s you.

Once you’ve told us the space we’ve got to work with, we’ll create an exhibition design or promotional design that excites, arrests and, ultimately, helps you get the new business you went for in the first place.

Whatever your aspiration, we’ve got you covered

We can also produce large format banners, vinyl graphics and exhibition panels.

Zip can also design and supply vehicle wraps and wall wraps or even building wraps to enhance your awareness.

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