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We’re qualified typesetters and artworkers

Our qualified proof readers will also check every detail of your publication or collateral prior to print

We typeset and artwork magazines, brochures, catalogues and offer digital proofing as part of the checking process or pdf files can be emailed to you if you prefer.

We have worked on many prestigious publications including Brookes & Gatehouse and Seahorse Magazine which is published monthly.

The advantages of using an experienced team

We often work alongside other design studios turning their design layouts into finished artwork ready for print. Having qualified typesetters in our team enables us to offer large volume artwork facilities.

Here’s why people who say they don’t need brochures or stationery anymore are wrong

You still need to have a brochure as well as a website because you want to
leave people with something that’s too good to throw away. If a brochure’s beautiful I guarantee people will keep it. It will prompt them to go and look at your website and call you again because it’s something that’s tangible. A physical thing is more important now than ever.

In with the new doesn’t necessarily mean out with the old.

The same principle applies to corporate brochures. People can access information through your website but they still like having something beautiful they can leave on their desk to show-off the brand they’re buying into.

That’s where we come in. We’ll discover what makes you special and use that to create a brochure design or prospectus design that makes people want to talk about you and to you.

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A small selection of some of our recent work

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